Chair of Multimedia Telecommunications and Microelectronics
Cooperation with industry

For the projects in electromagnetic fields and waves, antennas and propagation see Electromagnetic waves and fields

Industry- and service-oriented research in multimedia:

We are a research group oriented towards both academic and industrial research. We are keen for cooperation with industry.

Examples of major achievements with practical implications:

  • First worldwide stereoscopic system for vehicle dimension estimation (2013).
  • Experimental system for free-viewpoint television – partially in cooperation with Orange Labs (2012).
  • Outstanding proposal for HEVC-based 3D video coding technology – we have been ranked among two the best proponents for HEVC-based 3D video coding technology in MPEG 2011 contest.
  • Outstanding proposal for scalable video coding technology - ranked within three the best codecs in MPEG March 2004 contest for scalable coding.
  • One of the very first worldwide AVC decoders for television set-top-boxes (early 2004) – cooperation with ADB.

Our systems on the way to markets:

  • Free-viewpoint television.
  • Stereoscopic system for vehicle measurements and classification.
  • Intelligent video surveillance software.
  • Wireless camera module.

Industrial partners:

  • ADB,
  • Polish TV,
  • Orange Labs,
  • Halliburton,
  • Mitsubishi Electric,
  • Samsung,
  • others