Chair of Multimedia Telecommunications and Microelectronics

Krzysztof Wegner, Dominika Łosiewicz, Marek Domański, Adrian Dziembowski, Tomasz Grajek, Adam Grzelka, Dawid Mieloch, Robert Ratajczak, Olgierd Stankiewicz, Jakub Stankowski, Krzysztof Wegner,
Real-time virtual navigation provision by simple means,
International Conference on Signals and Electronic Systems, ICSES 2018, Kraków, Poland, September 10-12 2018,


The paper reports the results on virtual navigation in a sports hall. The video data is gathered and processed off-line thus producing the multiview plus depth representation of a scene. This representation is an input to the rendering server. Even a typical PC computer is able to serve a number of users that freely and independently navigate in real - time and watch virtual video. The users are able to navigate in the scene changing the virtual viewpoint and virtual view direction. The service is provided through a webpage, so a viewer does not need to install any software on smartphone, tablet or notebook. The paper discusses the technical solutions together with the rationale for their choice.