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Adam Łuczak, Sławomir Maćkowiak,
A method for processing wide angle images with barrel distortion and a surveillance system,
Patent office: USPTO, Status: granted,
Application number: US 13964114, Filling date: 12.08.2013,
Publication number: US 2014/0043477A1, Publication date: 13.02.2014,
Patent number: US 9413927, Date of Patent: 9.08.2016,


A computer-implemented method for processing a distorted wide angle image with barrel distortion to obtain a plurality of reconstructed images, characterized in that it comprises the steps of: determining, on the basis of a mapping function representing the distortion of the distorted image, a reconstruction function representing the position of points (r0) of reconstructed image as a function of position of points (r1) on the distorted image, determining a plurality of viewing angles (α1, α2, α3), for each viewing angle (60 1, α2, α3), generating a reconstructed image comprising points of the distorted image comprised within the particular viewing angle (α1, α2, α3) and reconstructed using the reconstruction function, such that each reconstructed image has its central point corresponding to the same point of the distorted image.