Chair of Multimedia Telecommunications and Microelectronics
Specialization MiEPU

The specialization MiEPU (Multimedia i Elektronika Powszechnego Użytku - Multimedia and Consumer Electronics) is a set of courses that provides knowledge and skills necessary for engineers working in the following fields:

  • Television:
    • Digital terrestrial
    • Cable - analog and digital
    • Digital satellite
  • Image processing and compression
  • Sound processing and compression
  • Security:
    • Video surveillance
    • Biometry
  • Electronic devices design
  • Programmable electronic devices:
    • microprocessors and microcontrollers
    • FPGA and CPLD
  • Software development:
    • software for multimedia systems
    • embedded programming
  • Consumer electronics

The Chair's staff is a group of experienced researchers and developers, capable teachers and tutors. Thanks to their involvement in cooperation with industry they have vast knowledge about contemporary techniques, technology and methods used by the most renowned global companies.

The list of currently taught classes:

But this specialization is not only about classes and exams. If you want to, you can work even harder and help make world a better place, together with the Chair's staff! Students can immerse themselves into the exciting world of research conducted by the Chair. The most skilled students can work in the process of development of the cutting edge technologies, cooperate with industrial partners and gain priceless experience. And we also have some really enjoyable leisure events, organized by staff members after the work hours!